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Digital Dentistry in 2023

This will be the first of my monthly blog posts to shine a spot light on what I see as being note worthy in digital every month.

And what a place to start. As we launch into implant module AND having just returned from the IDS in Cologne (the largest dental exhibitor on the planet) my mind is buzzing about so much cool stuff.

Before I get into the innovation and disruptive tech and business models about to demolish any remnants of 20th century analogue dentistry… (what a teaser) I’m going to remind EVERYONE why not being an implant dentist in the 21st century is a categoric mistake.

As I alluded to, implant dentistry represents in the region of 50% of our overall revenue at The Courtyard. 700 implants a year. 4,000 to date.

But it started small, like it should for everyone.

It started with us putting implants on our website and recruiting an implants dentist who can place. They taught me how to restore. Over the years the at followed I realised if I learnt how to place it would be more cost effective.

Having already learnt how to TREATMENT PLAN for implants (key skill) that meant when I came to place we had a steady stream of patients and treatments for me to practice on.

So the lesson here is: put them on your website, have your TCOs know how to discuss and sell implant options.

AND COLLABORATE with implant dentists in the technical planning / surgical placement / restoration.

News flash: I am an implant dentist. I’m happy to collaborate on all of the above, even surgical mentoring, either at your place or mine.

Our CONSULT module and newly dropped EPISODE 1 IMPLANT MODULE covers the basics of implant principles and treatment planning. These are the seeds to IMPLANT GROWTH.

We’re also putting together a buying offer proposition with BioHorizons for any new or existing implant dentists who want to partner with BioHorizons (the implant system I use).

AND - I’m running a face to face intro to digital restoration of implants in July. Book here.

Let this be the year you START / MAXIMISE implant dentistry in your practice.

Now I promised to chat about disruptive / innovative tech. But I have also written a very long blog! (No writers block here!)

So let me just say, for now, that people in the industry are ripping up the existing rule book to facilitate a design led business model for implant dentistry.

Where, so long as you have access to digital design (Velvet name drop), and a 3D printer you can have single restorations or full arch bridgework designed globally and printed locally in real time. While patients wait.

Watch this space (and your WhatsApp group if you're a member) for case studies we are carrying out with existing delegates and internally of course.

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